Hanoi 3 Seasons

By Annabelle Goodman –

88 Gerrard St
416 463 9940

Five ladies went for dinner after the opera. I am not familiar with the Broadview area restaurants so was delighted to be introduced to the best Vietnamese dining spot. It is a family owned restaurant. Our young server could be a movie star as she is so beautiful. She also was sweet, patient and very charming. The place was busy on a Saturday evening but it was never loud. They also did a mammoth take out business.

The table shared the Sauteed Spicy Baby Clams served with crispy rice crackers.($7.00) The portions for everything were enormous. The food was presented in short time and the flavors were fantastic. Everything was so fresh and tasty. This economical menu would satisfy any budget.

I opted for a Tofu and Lemon Grass prepared with coconut milk.($8.50) It was served in a large bowl with vermicelli. A spring toll was included. The vegetables were lightly sautéed and so crisp and fresh. It was a fantastic dish.

The table also shared several orders. The Chicken and Lemon Grass with vermicelli was a big hit.($8.50) Mussels, shrimp, Squid, Crab, Fish Ball and Bok Choy were a winning combination.($8.50)

Spicy Beef Sate and Garlic Chicken with Bok Choy were also enjoyed.

 The Mixed vegetables and Tofu Rice Noodle Soup was calling out to me.($7.50) That will be for my next visit. There are several House Specialty Noodle Soups. The Spicy Shrimp with Lemon Grass and Tamarind is a popular dish.($8.50) Spicy Shrimp. Crab, Mussels, Squid, Fish Ball with Tamarind is offered at $8.50.

Several appetizers would make for a light snack or lunch. Deep Fried Spring Rolls are prepared with taro, yellow beans, carrot and noodle stuffing.($3.00) Crispy Mimi Shrimps are served with a lotus shoot/ carrot salad.($5.00)

Fruit Smoothies are a big winner at this restaurant. A variety of vegetables and fruits are available. Du Du (papaya) and Dau Tay (strawberry) are only a few of the many suggestions. The smoothies are $3.00

The table also shared three of the popular Ice Creams, Black Sesame, Green Tea and Ginger.($3.00)

We were all thrilled with our choices. The food was very special. It is such a colorful part of town. The grocery stores remain open late into the evening. There are many Vietnamese restaurants on the block. We certainly chose the best. You can afford to bring the whole family at these prices.  The place is clean and welcoming.