Fort York to host seminar for owners of older homes

Join Christopher Cooper, editor-in-chief of Edifice Old Home Magazine, as he leads a full day seminar and forum for old home owners, contractors and conservators on Nov. 12  from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Participants will discover ways to maintain, restore and rehabilitate an old house as well as discover historically-accurate products for maintenance and restoration.  The seminar covers topics such as: repair and maintenance of heritage roofing; damp problems and solutions; repair and maintenance of masonry & siding; wood window problems and solutions; paint problems and solutions; caulking; removing wood trim for refinishing; repairing failed plaster walls and ceilings; insulating an old house; the century home kitchen and bath and much more.  This event it s a must for older home owners.

An entertaining speaker, Cooper has lectured widely about the conservation of older homes and has worked extensively on television including the soon to be released  Edifice Magazine’s “Old Home T.V.” of which he is host.

The cost is $80.00 per person for the full-day seminar which includes a workbook.  Please note this event is also a fundraiser for Fort York with $15 from each ticket going toward exhibits.

For information on Edifice Old Home Magazine visit  To register call (519) 757-1299 or email