Five Signs Someone You Care About Needs Additional Support

Most people would prefer to look after themselves as they age at home.  However, in many cases a helping hand will maintain your overall independence and wellbeing much longer.   For older adults, getting some extra support  could mean the difference between remaining in their own home and having to move into a residential care facility.

Here are five signs that someone you know may need that additional support:

  1.                   Declining personal appearance:    Infrequent or irregular showers or baths, less attention to personal grooming, wearing the same clothes day after day.

  2.                   Inability to keep up with housekeeping:  regular tasks require too much energy, or are no longer deemed to be important

  3.                   Change in eating patterns:   Missed meals, unhealthy food choices, lack of food to be prepared and spoiled food being kept well past expiration dates.

  4.                   Medication mix-ups:   Difficulty organizing daily medications, forgetting whether pills have been taken, forgetting to get medications refilled.

  5.                   Memory Problems:    Problems with remembering recent events, familiar routines, repeating questions and/or stories.

Need more information on who to ask for services for an aging parent, or tips on how to communicate with a loved one about their care options?   Or maybe you could use a few reassuring words to help manage the physical and emotional aspects of caring for others.

That’s when you should Ask Elizabeth, a free service offered by Saint Elizabeth Health Care.  Anyone can call 1-855-Ask-Eliz (275-3549) or chat online through our web site (, to connect with a qualified health professional and gain confidential and practical information.

Ask Elizabeth is part of Saint Elizabeth’s Aging Well @ Home Institute, which draws on the wealth of our experience in research, education, innovation and caregiving support.   At Saint Elizabeth, we are constantly striving to make health better, especially for seniors.