Financial District BIA signs with smart workplaces provider

Lane has revolutionized how people engage with their surroundings through a mobile platform that aims to create smart workplaces. Leveraging the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) ecosystem, Lane enables buildings and companies to communicate and engage with professionals, directly to their mobile devices. With 22% of the Downtown core using the platform, Lane is looking forward to working with the Toronto Financial District BIA to update users on community news, initiatives, and events.

Toronto’s Financial District occupies the city’s most recognizable skyscrapers alongside their tenant companies. The organization will be sharing information through Lane as a means to reach the 200,000 professionals who work in the financial core each day.

Unique for its specialized ability to easily track and measure communication efforts, Lane will provide the BIA with detailed analytics and insight on improving the workplace environments within the financial core. Analytics will include insight on the types of information users want to receive as well as empower communication reach.

“As a pioneer in commercial real estate technology, Lane has become a high­-demand product for early technology adopters,” said Kofi Gyekye, chief revenue officer at Lane.

In addition to working with Toronto’s Financial District BIA, Lane has been quickly adopted by Menkes, Landmark Kipling Inc., and Crown Property Management among others. By providing professionals with real-­time and easily accessible information about their workplaces, Lane has found a home within the BIA and will continue to create smart workplaces as it expands throughout the city.

“Our integrated services are expanding as we continue to expand our business,” said Lane CEO, Clinton Robinson. “Every workplace ecosystem operates differently. Being able to tailor content and track what your audience interacts with truly differentiates Lane from other platforms.”

About Lane: Co-­founded by Clinton Robinson and Kofi Gyekye in 2014, Lane is SaaS software that creates a smart workplace; it leverages the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) ecosystem to enable buildings and their tenant companies to communicate and engage with urban­ professionals, directly to their mobile devices. Visit