Film legacy from Holocaust survivors’ kin

Danna Horwood, Executive Director at Margaret’s Legacy and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, aims to educate youth around the world about the need for tolerance and kindness in our world.

She does this through Margaret’s Legacy and the documentary “Margaret and Arthur’s Story,” which  chronicles her grandparents’ experiences during WWII and their escape from Hungary to Canada. Told through the eyes of living Weisz descendants, this documentary addresses the themes of courage, survival and love.

Danna is seeking new opportunities to attend classrooms, youth and community groups across Canada, to offer this cost-free service and share her powerful message.

To educate today’s youth is to ensure the enhancement of society’s future. With knowledge being one of the most powerful tools we can pass along to young people today, it is important for adolescents to understand the devastation and perseverance of the victims of one of the most tragic events to occur in the last hundred years.

Through her film, ‘Margaret and Arthur’s Story’, Danna Horwood helps young audiences around the world gain a better understanding of the Holocaust and its lingering effects.      

“After the passing of my grandmother Margaret, I was surprized when my 11-year-old daughter asked why she didn’t know Great Grandma’s Holocaust story,” says Danna Horwood, Executive Director at Margaret’s Legacy. “I came to understand that my children should know about their ancestors’ journey of survival, which gave me the idea for this documentary and a new sense of purpose to begin my journey to educate youth.”

‘Margaret and Arthur’s Story’, chronicles Danna’s grandparents’ experiences during WWII, their escape from Hungary to Canada and their new life in the city of Hamilton. Narrated through the perspective of their living descendants, it addresses the themes of courage, survival and love, and educates youth about the need for tolerance and kindness in our world.

“The documentary is important not just to my family, but also to everyone else affected by the Holocaust,” adds Horwood. “I’d like to think I am honouring those who lived through those tragic times by inspiring youth to be better people each and everyday.”

Horwood created a free outreach program funded by the Weisz Family Foundation to help further share the story of Margaret and Arthur Weisz. She travels worldwide speaking to young people of all ages and teaching them about the Holocaust through the educational tool of film. Along with providing an interactive session, audience members also have the opportunity to discuss this event with Horwood, as it may be the first time hearing about it for some people.

Horwood hopes to reach as many adolescents as possible to continue Margaret’s Legacy and mission. By inviting Horwood to be a guest speaker, educators will watch as students immerse themselves in learning about an all-too-important part of history, and take away valuable lessons with them to be passed along for years and generations to come.

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About Margaret’s Legacy:

Margaret’s Legacy is an umbrella agency that seeks to provide information and background to youth on the Holocaust through education. Margaret’s Legacy’s mission is to keep the story of the Holocaust at the forefront of our minds, so its important lessons are not lost on future generations. The goal is for young people to be able to identify the kinds of hatred and bigotry that can lead to genocide.