Fat Pasha

Annabelle Goodman —
It took my grandson and adorable wife from Chicago to get a reservation at this extremely busy restaurant, rated as number 1 in Toronto. I have tried on many occasions. They made the reservation from Chicago and I was thrilled. I have been coveting a visit to this place for a long while. After all everybody is talking about it. I was an early client at Rose and Sons when it first opened at 176 Dupont St. Anthony Rose hailed from the Drake Hotel as an executive chef. He brought charisma, expertise, chutzpah and a million other positive ingredients to these first rate restaurants. Check out the little shop at the back selling smoked fish and cheese.

414 Dupont St-647 340 6142

Fat Pasha is Middle Eastern delight with upscale gourmet cuisine. It is trendy and funky. The colorful poster for the band, Phish sets the tone. I love the black and white mural with a whimsical Middle Eastern theme. The place calls out ‘fun’ with superb cuisine.
I think everyone in the city knows about the Roast Cauliflower. It is a splendid work of art covered with tahini, pine nuts, pomegranate and halloumi cheese. I am told they go through over 60 cauliflowers per day. The taste is sublime. I didn’t want to touch it and spoil the splendor. This is definitely a sharing item. You can order half or a whole. Harissa couscous is prepared with chickpeas & bittergreen stew, olives and apricots. Fattoush is a chopped Israeli salad with za’taar pita chips. Chopped Liver is not for the dieter. It is creamy and loaded with a few calories. Smoked and Cured offers a plate of gravlax, smoked fish, egg, sour cream and challah. I had one item in mind when I went. Shashuka is my favorite Israeli dish. It is hard to find here. Sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes and spices are simmered in a small frying pan. Two poached eggs are cooked in the sauce and topped with sweet peas. Challah bread was on the side. Outstanding. It was perfectly spiced and served hot in the frying pan. I was delighted.
My grandson enjoyed his Brisket Plate. It was served with pita, tahini and pickles. Zaa’taar Chicken Plate is a popular item on the brunch menu. The idea is to share a variety of items. Order the Rapini Tabouleh and Garlic Fried Tomatoes. Butternut Squash with sumac or the Chopped Eggplant & Tahini are great for sharing.
We arrived as the restaurant was opening for brunch. We were so warmly greeted by the manager, Dawn, and the great service continued throughout. When we left the place was fully booked. This is the case every day for lunch and dinner. Book well in advance.
You will be full. Save a little room for a special dessert. The Nutella Babka Bread Pudding was highly recommended and greatly enjoyed. Once again the presentation was picture perfect. Maple syrup graced the plate Hazelnuts and vanilla yogurt topped this decadent wonder. We had debated about the Sticky Date Cake topped with brown butter caramel and candied lemon ricotta.
There is a reason this restaurant is rated as the best in the city. What is normally Middle Eastern standard food has been raised to the highest level. The energy is bursting in this small charming spot. You feel as if you are at a party. It took my grandchildren from Chicago to get me here. How great to share the experience with them. It was a gourmet experience.