Expo team develops environmental framework

As a part of the pre-bid phase for Expo 2015, Toronto 2015 World Expo Corporation undertook a number of feasibility studies to determine whether an Expo would be right for Toronto. From the onset of the evaluation of the potential of Toronto bidding for a World Expo, environmental and sustainability features have been at the forefront of planning for the event. As a part of this due diligence, an Environmental Management Framework was developed.

The Environmental Framework has the potential to influence air and water quality, waste management, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, enhance green building technologies, including green roofs, and to make overall sustainability a pillar of the event. In addition, it has the opportunity to influence how we think about programming, transportation, site operations and design, and the actual management programs associated with the Expo.

This Environmental Framework will be key for a successful bid. And in turn, staging a World Expo can help to serve as a catalyst for a host of environmental initiatives in Toronto: to improve air and water quality, mitigate and clean up Brownfield sites, incorporate energy efficiency, district heating and cooling technology and utilize the latest in waste management systems.

The principles outlined in the Environmental Framework will provide a good starting point to ensure that overall, Toronto 2015 will incorporate all possible measures to make the event the most environmentally progressive and sustainable Expo ever held.

For more information, visit www.tedco.ca/2015expo.