Exciting new developments in East Bayfront

By Pam McConnell –

Concept for Sherbourne Park (Courtesy WaterfronToronto)

Concept for Sherbourne Park
(Courtesy WaterfronToronto)

The recently announced Parkside development will bring a residential and commercial complex to an important East Bayfront gateway site. Located east of Sherbourne Park and north of Queens Quay, Parkside is the first private sector development in the precinct.

Acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie has designed a building carved with terraces and green roofs to create “gardens in the sky” and complement the neighbouring park.
I worked with the community on the creation of the Precinct Plan, and this development fits within those guidelines. The building maintains important view corridors and the building heights – a 120 metre tower on a 38 metre podium – descend towards the lake.
Also following the plan, Parkside encourages family living with a daycare centre and ensuring that five per cent of the units have three bedrooms or more. Parkside will follow sustainability standards and may even surpass LEED Gold. A green wall in the building’s atrium will improve indoor air quality and locally sourced and recycled materials will be used in the construction. Parkside is one of a number of exciting projects underway in the East Bayfront community.
Sherbourne Park: Scheduled for completion this summer, this 1.47 hectare park will provide year-round recreation space. Centered around a decorative pavilion, the park will feature a water feature running the length of the park to the lake and a pond that becomes a skating rink in the winter.
Corus Quay: This office building at the foot of Lower Jarvis is nearing completion and will begin occupancy in the spring. This building will feature a publicly accessible interior walkway to the water and stunning public art pieces to compliment the exterior.
Sugar Beach: Toronto’s second urban beach is under construction and will be completed this summer. It will provide an oasis in the midst of a busy city that integrates into a performance space next to the new Corus Quay building.
George Brown College has broken ground on the new Health Sciences campus with construction to be completed by fall 2011. A student residence will also be constructed and will bring a new vibrancy to the precinct.