Enforced drought hits Time Square condo

A broken water main on Jarvis Street south of Front Street had residents and businesses in the Time Square condo dry for over a full day until city crews were finally able to locate the problem and fix it.

The work crews had to dig two holes before striking “pay dirt” on the third try. The leak occurred at 4pm on Saturday Nov. 7 was finally fixed on Monday Nov. 9 around 1pm. The leak was a severe one and crews were struggling to locate it and fix it.

It was hard on the residents, says one 8th-floor resident who went to a neighbourhood for her shower. “But I had a local friend in a nearby apartment building and many people didn’t. I heard that some were able to go to the St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre on The Esplanade and shower there.”

The city did provide bottled water for residents.

There are several restaurants in the complex that were unable to operate during the forced drought.


City crews work on the Jarvis Street site of the leaking pipe that cut off water to residents and businesses of Time Square condo for over a day.