Seen: FanExpo Canada 2016

FanExpo Canada 2016 held in the heart of Toronto proved to be a hub for the cosplay experience. With costumes ranging from anime, comics, gaming, and even horror, there was no shortage of creativity.

Highlights of this years event included an in-depth talk with Mark Hamill; the face behind Luke Skywalker and the voice behind some of our favourite animated characters. Hamill thoroughly went through his experiences as both a young actor and an older one and his recounts of how he secured these jobs were both insightful and entertaining.

The main spectacle of the 4 day event proved to be Stan Lee’s appearence. At 93 years old, the father of Marvel made Toronto his choice for his final Canadian expo appearence. Known as the brainchild behind fan favourites like Spiderman, X-Men, and Deadpool; Stan Lee is one of, if not the most influential person in comic book history.

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