Why don’t they read history to save lives?

          It’s been said that “If you don’t learn from history, you’re destined to relive it”. So today I have to repeat what I’ve said before. It’s apparent that the medical profession, TV anchors, and Medical Officers of Health (MOH), have never read history. So young children, and others, are dying of influenza.

          Today, rather than believing what I write, go to the internet and read about the history of Dr Klenner. During the great polio epidemic of 1948, Dr. Frederick Klenner, a family doctor in North Carolina, was placed in charge of a ward of 60 patients stricken with this paralyzing disease.

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          Dr. Klenner decided to give massive doses of vitamin C to all 60 patients. None of them developed paralysis! A year later, in my final year at The Harvard Medical School, I developed the same disease. I was surrounded by distinguished professors, yet ironically all they were able to offer was to watch my paralysis worsen day by day.

          Eventually, Klenner reported his momentous findings to a meeting of The American Medical Association. It boggles the mind that his incredible finding fell on deaf ears.

          Klenner later discovered that he could also cure meningitis, encephalitis, pneumonia, chicken pox and measles with intravenous vitamin C. Even those who had been bitten by a venomous snake! Yet no one listened.

          What is appalling is today’s medical establishment, TV anchors, MOH and even my editors, all live in the most connected society the world has ever seen. Yet this monumental discovery still collects dust. So it’s necessary to repeat the incredible story.

          Allan Smith, a New Zealand farmer, had gone fishing with friends, but after returning home, became severely ill and was admitted to hospital. The diagnosis was Swine Flu Virus. Smith received every antibiotic in the book, but became unconscious and placed on life-support. Doctors believed he had no hope of recovery, and decided life-support should be discontinued.

          But one Smith family member was aware of Dr. Linus Pauling’s research on vitamin C. Only after his threat of legal action did doctors reluctantly agree to prescribe large doses of intravenous vitamin C. To their surprise, Smith’s lungs cleared in a few days. He became conscious, and finally left the hospital alive and well.

          This case made newspaper headlines, but the medical profession, MOH, and TV anchors still have not absorbed this history. So children and elderly people with deficient immune systems are dying needlessly.

          A few nights ago, a Medical Officer of Health was interviewed by an anchor of CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). The usual discussion followed about the need for flu shots and the result of possible death for saying no. But there was no mention by the MOH, or CBC anchor, that death from influenza, usually due to pneumonia, has been prevented by high doses of intravenous vitamin C.

          It’s a terrible tragedy when a child dies of influenza complications. But science proves that many of these deaths could be prevented. Health authorities maintain that flu shots prevent serious illness and save lives. But the reality is that the vaccine may not be targeted to the right virus. So people are still at risk.

          So I must repeat part of a column I’ve written before. That your life may be dependent on a healthy immune system to survive influenza. This means always having a high reservoir of vitamin C in your blood at all times. The only way to achieve this is by routinely taking a minimum of 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C twice a day. (Various brands of high dose powdered C are available in Health Food Stores). Then, increase the dose to bowel tolerance if flu symptoms strike.

          Finally, I hope that today’s news of children’s tragic deaths will make people read about Dr. Klenner and Allan Smith on the internet, and become informed patients. Particularly when it’s obvious many medical personnel looking after your health have not read history, and are therefore ill-informed of scientific advances that save lives.

          I believe that a court of law would find it a criminal act that people are dying of influenza simply because historical medical fact has been available for years and ignored. What do you think?

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