Docent to dancer? Caldwell curates choreography

Kimberly Spice –

Michael Caldwell had a change of heart while attending his first year at the University of Toronto.

He was studying to become a museum curator when he dropped out— after just his first semester in the master’s degree program—to pursue his passion of dance.

“I was always interested in dance since a very young age,” Caldwell told The Bulletin. “I had every intention of becoming a curator but that didn’t pan out so well. I then decided to pursue what gave me most joy in life and that was dance. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

After leaving university,Caldwell went to the school of Toronto Dance Theatre. While just a student, he was approached
to audition for a role for which he was hired for the day after graduation in 2006. He has been employed ever since but remains modest about it.


“I think that there are a lot of talented people,” stated Caldwell reflecting on his success and the element of luck.

“I dance and perform with a lot of dancers and actors and people who are super talented and in a lot of ways much more talented than I am but just because of the circumstances,be it gender, look, age, there are so many factors
that go into it that have nothing to do with talent so in that respect I do consider myself to be very lucky.”

Caldwell’s biggest challenge now is finding the time to do his art, since most of his schedule is spent doing the administrative tasks needed to be creative, produce and perform

Currently Caldwell is rehearsing for upcoming performances in both XODUS and Crave at Harbourfront, but at the same time is working on a fundraiser for the YWCA and in tandem, he is working on a number of other pieces that include a performance for Dusk Dances and an additional project, which he is waiting for funding.

The Wednesday night performance will be a special time for the 32-yearold Carlton and Jarvis resident, as it coincides with the fifth anniversary of his wedding to his partner,dancer and choreographer, Louis Laberge-Cote.
Caldwell will be performing in a Kaeja d’Dance double-bill in X-ODUS and Crave at Harbourfront Centre from May 7 to 11. For details, visit