Dive into the world of forum theatre!

Mixed Company Theatre (MCT) invites participants to a Professional Development Workshop Series

which includes a source of conflict resolution, devising action plans and creating a democratic environment for all voices to be heard.

Titles are: Introduction to Forum Theatre, Masks of Manipulation, Joker/Facilitation Training, and Forum Theatre Play-Writing.

MCT’s Forum Theatre training “is an interactive and experiential approach to education that involves the community in developing real-time strategies for dealing with social issues.”

Stories are shared to create a universal scenario depicting social issues identified within the group, and then the scenario is presented to an audience. A facilitator trained in Forum Theatre, also known as a “Joker,” asks the audience to look at possible choices to change the outcome.

The story is then presented a second time where audience members can intervene in the story as “spect-actors,” to change the story in a constructive way. The facilitator then guides the audience in a summary analysis and discussion of the issue.

MCT requests that those interested in the training contact them soon.

The MCT website is: http://www.mixedcompanytheatre.com/artists/training/