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We are constantly amazed, but never surprised, at what the pro-Internet community can accomplish when we work together. With a couple clicks and a few keystrokes, we can share our thoughts across the world at 300,000 km/second. That’s pretty incredible when you step back and think about it. You care about the future of the open Internet. You have ideas. Those ideas are critical to our success.

The Internet gives us great power to join our diverse voices together to work for good. Now, we need you to tell us how we’re doing to harness that power. Please take our brief supporter survey now and let us know where you want to see this movement go.

You and the 500,000+ pro-Internet community we’ve created together are our inspiration, and the source of our best ideas. We’ve asked you to help defend Internet freedom in many ways: signing petitions, writing elected decision-makers, crowdfunding advertising campaigns to counter the PR from Big Telecom, etc. Take the next step now to improve our organization — less than 5 minutes of your time will help chart the course of Internet freedom in Canada.

In just a few minutes, you can help us make the big decisions that will build on our wins in the fight for an open, fair, surveillance-free, and affordable networked future for all of us. Click here to take part.

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