Dancer captures athleticism of ballet in CONTACT show photos

Kimberly Spice –

Form, grace, prowess and strength are the norm for dancers and one particular dancer Aleksandar Antonijevic, recently turned photographer,has been able to capture these athletes at their best.

dancer1Picking up the camera three years ago, the Broadview and Queen St. E. resident has had resounding success after being featured in a number of media stories.

Part of Antonijevic’s success is his ability to capture the private moments between photographer and artist through thrust and guidance.

“There is a level of warmth and intimacy between us because we are friends and I think it is reflected in these images,” Antonijevic told The Bulletin.

“They are allowing me to be present in some moments of very private dialogue that they were having with themselves, this moment of truth is what I find in some of these images.”

Now in his 40’s and having performed for 25 years in front of an audience, Antonijevic is realizing that his time as a principal dancer is limited and currently looks forward to the next chapter of his life, which includes being a photographer.

“Being a live performer is a very strange thing to do,” reflected Antonijevic. “The older I get and the longer that I’ve been doing it (dancing) I find it very odd and I find the subjects very interesting. What makes someone to be able to say here I am in front of 2000 people, this is what I do, and this is how I do it, take it or leave it?”

“Now I’m realizing that by nature and my temperament, I am is much closer to being a photographer and I know it’s the weirdest thing to say after being on stage for 25 years but there is something that you need in observing, to love studying people’s gestures.”

Antonijevic is clear that his photography is very serious business. Taking his vision from conceptualization to photographing, printing, mounting and framing, he has a trained eye and expects 100 per cent perfection.

Out of over 10,000 photographs, he has carefully chosen only 19 for his upcoming exhibition, inFORMants.

Antonijevic’s work will be presented at Berenson Fine Art, 212 Avenue Rd., from May 2 to 30 as part of the CONTACT photography festival.

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