Community leaders spent a night on streets with homeless youths

Laura Fracassi —

Thirty five community leaders from around York Region spent a night on the streets March 5 with nothing more than pocket change as they try and find warmth in various homeless shelters across the Region. Thirty five leaders will experience youth homelessness first hand in The 360 Experience.

Included were York Region Chief of Police, Eric Jolliffe; 360 Kids Executive Director, Michael Braithwaite and others.  They started at the 360 Kids Home Base Youth Drop In Centre — 10944 Yonge St., Richmond Hill

About 360 Kids

360 Kids has been helping families, children and youth in our communities for over 25 years. The primary focus is providing aid and support to at-risk and homeless youth. It is estimated that on any given day there are over 300 homeless youth in York Region.

Family breakdown, addiction issues and abuse are just some of the reasons these youth become homeless but regardless of the circumstances, they are just kids and they don’t deserve to suffer the way they do.

360 Kids operates a variety of programs to give these kids the support they need to reach a state of safety and stability. They inspire them to rebuild their lives and we help them to overcome the obstacles they face.

It is a complete 360-degree approach to assisting these kids and it has been successful in helping thousands of youth become healthy, stable adults who contribute to our communities.