Public consultation on the redevelopment of Moss Park

Local community called to share their ideas and help shape a vision for recreational facilities and public space in Moss Park

The City of Toronto and The 519 are launching a public consultation that aims to engage the Moss Park community and neighbourhood residents in the possible redevelopment of John Innes Community Centre, Moss Park Arena and the surrounding park space. From now through September 30, interested Torontonians can help shape the proposed design of the facilities by participating in this shared conversation about Moss Park’s future.

“Plans to redevelop Moss Park aren’t predetermined; a key element of our feasibility study is community engagement and public consultation,” says Howie Dayton, the City of Toronto’s Director of Community Recreation. “I want to encourage everyone who uses the facilities at Moss Park as well as local residents to share their opinions, ideas and experiences. We need their ideas to help shape the vision for any new facilities and park space in this dynamic community.”

The City of Toronto and The 519 will undertake an extensive consultation, including four public roundtables, several outdoor events, and dozens of smaller meetings with a diverse range of community members and local groups. The first roundtable will be held on May 31st at the John Innes Community Centre at 6:30pm. Additional information about the consultation process and how to get involved, including event dates, can be found at

“We believe that community and recreation centres play a vital role in helping support and build accessible, equitable communities,” says Maura Lawless, Executive Director of The 519. “We are working together to ensure that local community is fully engaged in conversations about the future of Moss Park, with an overall goal to enhance community space for all.”

The public consultation is part of a larger feasibility study that is examining practical issues related to the redevelopment, such as site design, financing, operating models and governance. The feasibility study report will be submitted to Toronto City Council for consideration.