City Hall crisis costing Andre his job

Sensitive and grief-stricken city middle and upper managers prepare to deliver Andre the bad news. It will likely hurt them more than Andre, who will have time to himself while they still have to soldier on in their city-hall jobs.

By Sharon Comstalk


There has been entirely too much harm done to the city’s hiring intentions. When you consider that senior executive-type staff and managers must be kept on to keep the system from falling apart, it’s clear that the only way to trim costs is to trim bottom-level staff. Unfortunate as this is, it’s a must-be-done tactic that keeps the mechanism of city hall tight and running as smoothly as it has under the stunning leadership of His Worship Mayor David (Blondie) Miller.

Lest there be any doubt that the city management staff are feeling the same pain of recession that is plaguing ordinary people, just examine how concerned they are about their colleague Andre’s upcoming layoff.

They are preparing to console poor Andre when he comes out of the hole he dug. Andre is unaware that recession has forced this painful choice on his managers who are perhaps in greater distress than he is. After all, they have to soldier on in their city offices while Andre is no longer required to be in a hole.

His days will be free from the burden of work, while the concerns of the city’s millions, and of kissing up to the right people, fall upon the shoulders of our suffering and worthy middle and upper managers.