City approves landfill purchase

Toronto City Council today approved a major component of a long-term strategy for managing Toronto’s waste through the approval of a letter of intent to purchase the Green Lane Landfill in southwestern Ontario. City officials have been directed to negotiate the final terms of the sale within 90 days.

The purchase will provide the City of Toronto a reliable and environmentally sound landfill, giving the City options for short and long term waste disposal. With an aggressive diversion plan, the purchase provides Toronto with new disposal capacity for a minimum of 15 years. The Green Lane Landfill has been in operation since 1978 and recently received provincial approval for expansion and has passed the required environmental assessment.

Mayor David Miller emphasized, “Owning this site gives Toronto a secure long-term plan for waste disposal and provides Toronto significant control over future disposal costs. At the same time, the purchase of this landfill will not in any way reduce the City’s commitment to our successful waste diversion efforts.”

The City’s contract for waste disposal in Michigan will continue until the end of 2010 and it is the intention of the City to abide by its terms.

The Environmental Assessment process being undertaken with the assistance of the Community Environmental Assessment Team (CEAT) will continue to determine a comprehensive long-term strategic waste management plan for the City of Toronto.

Mayor David Miller stated: “Toronto is committed to being a responsible landfill operator and will work with all stakeholders to continue the long-standing record of good performance and community involvement in matters related to the landfill.”

The City will continue to work with all of the local municipalities in the area, local First Nations and the Green Lane Community Trust.

The Green Lane Landfill is a site with the latest technology including onsite treatment of leachate and a methane gas collection system. Green Lane Landfill is located in Southwold Township in the County of Elgin, southwest of the City of London.

Currently Toronto diverts more than 40% of its solid waste from landfill. Toronto’s next objective is to reach 60% diversion by 2008. All of Toronto’s waste that is sent for disposal is safe, clean and meets all legal requirements.

The financial details related to the sale will be released following completion of the transaction.