Chow: Pilot projects do not make for a national crime prevention strategy

Over a month after the tragic school shooting of Jordan Manners, the Conservative government, namely Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has failed to address the needs of Canada’s biggest city, said NDP MP and Youth Critic Olivia Chow.

Yesterday, Minister Day announced 27 new crime prevention studies and pilot projects across Quebec worth $6.8-million.

“The Conservative government can’t be trusted to invest in crime prevention,” said Chow. “Harper and Day have broken their campaign promise to spend $50 million on crime prevention.”

Chow also pointed out the flaws in the current strategy. “The entire strategy is deeply flawed as it relies on fragmented approaches and disconnected pilot projects with no coherent or long term funding plans, no transparent application process, no core or comprehensive policy or strategy.”

“Successful pilot projects that are supported by the National Crime Prevention Centre should be rewarded with permanent funding.” concluded Chow.