Choose the right wall, paint colour for wood

Wood furniture is an excellent addition to any home as it brings elegance to a place, and it has a timeless appeal to it.

The high-quality look isn’t only applicable to wood furniture, but to wood floors as well. Wood floors look classy and elegant. It’s also easy to clean and possess long-term durability. These floors are excellent choices for any home.

If you decide to buy wood furniture or to install wood floors in your house, how can you choose the best wall paint that works best with your wood pieces? Check out these tips to get ideas about the colours and hues that you can use.

Wood Furniture

It’s undeniable that wooden furniture pieces are impeccable choices to go by if you wish to add a dash of elegance and classic feel to your space. However, there are still rules that you need to adhere. Check them out!

Dark Wood

Dark finishes are highlighted when paired with light colours. No specific colour is recommended as long as it’s on the light side. The light colour of the walls will bring out the darkness of the wood furniture, making it stand out. It will also make the room look warmer and inviting.

Arrange the furniture carefully if you have a lot of dark wood furniture in one room. Your room will appear crowded, and the dark colour will look like it’s clumped together in a particular area if not arranged well.

Dark furniture can also go well with dark paint. Balance must be achieved between the two colours, and one must not overpower the other. Combining dark colours gives off a powerful vibe, and it also looks formal in any room in the house.

Light Wood

Dark or strong wall paint will also bring out the lightness of specific wood furniture.  If you don’t want to paint the entire room in the dark colour, you can go for dark accents instead.

Light and Dark Wood

If you have a mix of light and dark coloured wood furniture, you can stay on the neutral side if you’re afraid to experiment with colours. You can also go for monochrome if you find a colour that suits or works with both wood colours.

Medium-Tone Wood

These not-so-dark but not-so-bright wood colours can be combined with similar wall paint colours. Neutral wall colours like khaki can work with medium brown wood colours.

Mixed Wood Colours

If your wood furniture contains more than the usual dark wood of mahogany or the light wood of ash, examine the dominant colour in your furniture and use it as the basis for your wall paint colour.

  • Reddish wood furniture will go well with green wall paint because the green will enhance the redness of the wood.
  • Golden-yellow wood furniture can be paired with red or green. However, you have to be careful with the shade that you choose for your walls. Your red has to be warm and not too bright or too dark. The green has to be close to an earthy shade and not neon.
  • Antique wood can come in a variety of colours so it can go with light or dark wall colours.

Wood Floor

Besides wooden furniture pieces, it’s also important to take into consideration when painting them. A wrong choice of colour for your paint might tarnish the natural aesthetic of the wood. Hence, you have to be careful when choosing colours.

Dark Hardwood

Dark floors can make the room look formal and cozy. Interior painting for dark wood can be a bit tricky. The safest choice for your wall colour is pale or light colours. White might be too bright for your dark floor so you might want to consider going for beige walls instead.

Gray also works with dark floors. Choose a shade that won’t be overpowered by the dark floors or make the room appear darker or more gloomy.

Light Hardwood

The light colour of the floor efficiently brightens up a room, and it also opens up a lot of options for the wall colour that you can combine with it. For your walls, you can paint it with light or neutral colours. If you don’t want to go with plain white or if you think that it’s too bland, you can go with off-white.

The colour will retain the overall brightness of the room. If white isn’t your thing, gray can also work with your light-coloured floor. Choose carefully for the right shade of gray that will go best with your floor.


Wood looks excellent anywhere, but you have to choose the right colour for your wall so your wood furniture and floor will stand out. For your furniture, try contrasting colours to make the furniture pieces stand out. You can also combine two similar shades to create a compelling visual effect.

For your wood floor, neutral colours will always go well with anything. If you don’t like white, you can choose beige or something similar. There are endless options when it comes to wood. Don’t be afraid to keep looking for the perfect wall paint that will go well with your wood pieces and floor.

— Lisa Jones is a blogger and a home-improvement enthusiast.