Burger Cellar (revisited)

By Annabelle Goodman –

3391  Yonge St
647 345 0084


Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate fine design? The high tech elegant lighting is superb. The wall of wine bottles is right out of a magazine. So much thought and design has gone into this great atmosphere.

Obviously one goes out to dine with great food in mind. What could be simpler than a hamburger menu featuring a variety of choices? Sounds easy but Burger Cellar raises the bar bringing the hamburger to gourmet dining. The choice of burgers is amazing. The buns are high quality sesame or whole wheat. Each burger offers a choice of black angus, natural or kobe beef. The Toppings are creative and delicious. It is fun and tasty to add additional toppings. Wasabi-lime Aioli, Avocado and Tomato Relish and Wild Mushroom Ragout can each be chosen for an additional $1.00

On this second visit Paul was our server. I mentioned we were in a rush. My son was off to a business meeting. My daughter-in-law was heading to bridge. We barely had time to go out for dinner. We were not rushed but the service was so fantastic that we had time left for coffee. Thank you Paul for being so attentive.

My son decided to try one of the few items that was not a hamburger. The Atlantic Salmon was topped with a white wine lemon chive butter served with Yukon gold roasted garlic mashed potatoes.($18.00)

I love the Veggie Burger. ($9.00) It is so flavorful and prepared with roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, and the mound of avocado salsa on top is really yummy. A dill pickle, tomato and lettuce added to the flavor. My only problem was getting my mouth around this giant presentation.

My daughter-in-law ordered the Burger Cellar Burger. Two year old Bothwell smoked cheddar, apple cider bacon, sautéed mushrooms, chipotle BBQ sauce and a beer battered onion ring were part of this gastronomical delight. AAA black angus $10.00; natural $11.00; kobe $15.00 

The Posh Burger offers wild mushroom ragout, white truffle oil and Emma’s mozzarella fior di latte (black angus $12.00); natural $13.00; kobe $17.00)

Alright, not everyone loves hamburgers. Snacks, Salads and Off The Grill selections will satisfy your hunger. How about Pickle Fries? Panko-herb breaded pickles are golden fried and served with a fresh dill and garlic sauce.($6.00)

Emma’s Caprese Salad is prepared with fresh mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, basil, extra virgin oil. Kalamata olives and balsamic reduction.($9.00)

I dare you to have the Chocolate Burger for a sweet treat after dinner.($7.00)

This place is an experience. You dine in high style devouring sumptuous food. Every bite is satisfying.   The best part is the economical value. I returned to Burger Cellar to see if it would be as good as my memory from my first visit. It was even better.