Bistro Grande

By Annabelle Goodman –

1000 Eglinton Ave.
416 782 3302

My son-in-law was visiting from Israel. My daughter-in-law from Toronto joined us for a memorable evening of fine dining. Whenever my family comes from Israel we choose this spot for excellent cuisine and the best kosher food in town. This is an upscale restaurant with superb service, a varied menu and exquisite gourmet dining. The management knows their profession well and also runs four other well known establishments offering more casual food and informal dining.

Our excellent server was so helpful. She recommended an outstanding Israeli bottle of wine. We had no trouble finishing it. The bread is also noteworthy. Two types of fresh baguette were offered with a white bean dip or a choice of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The restaurant was fully booked and some were dining on the outdoor patio even though it was a touch chilly. I have also used the private room at the back for a family gathering.

Several of the delicious appetizers would make for a delicious lunch or lighter fare dinner. The Soup Of The Day is made fresh.($7.00) I noticed several of the patrons enjoying the Onion Soup.($9.00) When my daughter comes from Israel that is her first choice. The Vegetarian Asian features spring rolls with a spicy dipping sauce.($10.00)

My daughter-in-law opted for a pizza. The Mediterranean Pizza featured feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, sun dried black olives, roasted garlic, sweet onions, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.($18.00) I tasted it and agreed that the flavors were rich and savory. It was a great choice. The Mushroom Pizza offers wood roasted mushrooms, sweet onions, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.($16.00) There is a full page listing a variety of choices.

I ordered Spaghettini with fire roasted sweet peppers and spinach in a rosee sauce.($16.00) The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce was so delicious I had to scrape up every drop. It was like being back in Italy.

The Linguine is prepared with whole grain organic pasta and served with Portobello mushrooms, fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and a light tomato sauce.($18.00)

My son-in-law always enjoys a fish dish when visiting Toronto. This restaurant specializes in serving fresh fish perfectly cooked. The Halibut was served tempura style with chips and fresh coleslaw.($20.00)

Their Tuna Steak is a signature dish. The finest grade of tuna is served with grilled Portobello mushrooms, sautéed spinach, tomato concasse and shallot red wine reduction.($34.00)

On past visits I have ordered the Nicoise Salad. Sautéed fresh tuna is served on top of potatoes, green beans, olives, hard boiled eggs, capers, onions, and feta cheese. The roasted tomato dressing adds the perfect touch.($18.00) The Poached Salmon Salad is prepared with Atlantic salmon, spinach, romaine, endive, radicchio, fennel and pear in tarragon yogurt dressing.($18.00)

The regular patrons expect exquisite food and that is what they receive. As this is a kosher restaurant there is no meat served. However, the menu features so many pasta, pizza and fish suggestions that thee is a choice for everyone. I have dined here often and have always been totally satisfied with the service and the tasty food. Every effort is made to make you feel special.