Big Telecom set to rip you off

Seeking to subvert the CRTC into charging you for time spent on the Internet

By The team –

At the CRTC’s recent hearing on Internet metering, a lobbyist from Bell stood up before the Commission, looked each member in the eye, and suggested Canadians don’t mind a pay meter on their Internet use.

Asked  afterwards how he could say such a thing—nearly half-a-million Canadians revolted against Internet price-gouging by signing the Stop The Meter petition this year—the Bell lobbyist responded with a simple statement: “It’s not personal.”

Can you afford to have new fees added to your Internet bill each month? Being price-gouged is personal, especially in these unstable economic times. are cautiously optimistic that the CRTC will do the right thing and let indie ISPs provide unmetered Internet access. But we know one thing for sure: Big phone and cable companies are working behind the scenes to undo the progress that’s been made.

Here are a couple things Big Telecom has done recently:

• Launched a sleazy and irresponsible fake online advocacy campaign that misleads Canadians into actually lobbying the government to let them take more control over key digital infrastructure!

• Made expensive board appointments of key former ministers.

This is clearly a cartel that has come unhinged. We can’t let them hold our economy and your wallet hostage any longer.