Big Chubby Burger

By Annabelle Goodman –

269 Augusta Ave.
416 340 9398

My friend and I had just seen a very disturbing film at the Hot Docs Film Festival. We decided to walk up Spadina Ave into Kensington Market to look for a place to eat. It was a beautiful evening and we needed to work off the angst from the film. Kensington Market changes in the evening. I had no idea there were so many little eateries. They were all packed with outdoor diners. The neighborhood becomes vibrant in a different way in the evening. There were so many different types of food and restaurants.  We were starving and every place seemed to be full. We saw the sign for Big Chubby Burger and we felt compelled to enter.

This is not fine dining in the elegant sense. It is certainly fine dining from a food perspective. One wall is a blackboard where guests are encouraged to write remarks. Another blackboard lists the many types of hamburgers that are available. I didn’t even mind forgoing my ‘de rigueur’ glass of red wine.

All the hamburgers are prepared with quality ingredients. You order at the counter and the food is presented at the table. The hamburgers are served on a metal pan that looks like a cake pan. A checkered cloth covers the pan. This is simple décor and a modest place. The food was amazing. We both delved into our food with ecstasy.

We both ordered the Vegetarian Burger.($7.00) Not one but two large ‘meaty’ patties were placed on a delicious good quality bun. Garlic mayo, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce are all part of the deal

An Indian Burger offers beef, bacon, goat cheese, curried sauce and mango chutney.($8.50)

A Mexican Burger offers beef, sautéed onion, chipotle, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado.($8.50)

I’d like to see someone tackle the Big Chubby Burger. ($11.00) It is filled with beef, fried egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, sautéed onion, green pepper and mushrooms. I get a smile on my face thinking about it.

Every day there is a special burger offered. Home made fries and a drink are included. Sunday is the Buffalo Chicken Strip special.($9.50) Wednesdays feature is a Bacon Cheese Burger.($9.50)

You can always add to your order. Sautéed vegetables or mushrooms, onions, pepper and jalapeno are only $1.00 extra.

Sweet Potato Poutine is offered in a medium ($8.00) or large size. ($10.00)

This is such an economical place to bring the family. Kids Specials are offered. A Junior Burger with home fries and a drink is a great deal.($6.00)

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with fries and a drink will please most kids.($7.00)

We had such a good time and loved every bite. The chef works so hard in his open kitchen and produces delicious burgers in a variety of ways. The restaurant is open from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.