Banjara Revisited

By Annabelle Goodman –

Banjara Indian Cuisine
796 Bloor St West
416 963 936

I would say that three times within a month is a good record. It means I love this savory food. Before you even enter the premises the tantalizing aromas draw you in. There is a very large staff of delightful friendly servers. The food arrives sizzling hot and prepared to perfection. I don’t know how they produce all those dishes so efficiently.

Five of us were out dining as a farewell dinner for my musical grandson. He is off to New York for 2 years of a Masters Music program. This was his restaurant choice as we have dined here together many times. We know the menu without looking.

I couldn’t stop eating the Veggie Pakoras. ($3.95) We kept noshing while we waited for all the other dishes. The veggies are fried in a chick pea batter. Dip them in the sauces provided and you are already feasting on the best. One order was more than sufficient for all five of us.

We ordered the Garlic Naan ($3.95) and a Plain Naan ($2.49) to help ‘mop up’ the exotic sauces. A couple orders of Plain Rice also worked well with the flavorful dishes.($3.25)  

Butter Chicken is an Indian favorite. It melts in your mouth.($11.99) It didn’t last long and I even caught one of my guests licking her fingers. Why not?

The Tandoori Chicken offered   thick pieces of tender chicken.($16.99) Each piece was marinated in spices and baked in the Tandoor oven. Anything cooked in that oven is tasty and moist.

I always enjoy the Tandoori Prawn.($15.95) They are large and fantastic. They come on a hot sizzling plate with stir fried onions and vegetables. That dish would always be part of my last meal ever.

Saag Aloo($8.50) and Palak Paneer (($9.99) are always on my order list. The creamy pureed spinach is so delicious. One has large chunks of potato and the other features cubes of Indian cheese.

We loved every bite and left nothing on the plate.

The menu is extensive. Whether you prefer vegetarian, chicken, beef or seafood you can satisfy your hunger with a gourmet feast.

Take out is very popular. Parking in the front is most appreciated. The restaurant is situated back from the street and several cars are able park in front. Curries can be prepared as mild or as hot as you like it. I declare Banjara the best Indian food in town. I know that when my grandson returns for a visit we will head back to our favorite restaurant.