Author turns mid-life issues into cathartic novel series after Nepal trip

Kimberly Spice

Talk to Elizabeth Highlanda year ago and she would never have believed she would become an author of two novels, which are loosely based on her own life called the chronicles of Elizabeth Highland, Volume I and Volume II.

“When I went out to Nepal and Bhutan last year I had lost three friends to cancer,” Highland told The Bullertin. “I hadn’t done a trip like this in a long time so I thought you’ve lost three friends now in your 50’s and if you had said to me, Elizabeth you are going to , at this time next year, have two published novels, I would have looked at you and said, ‘Excuse me, what?”

Writing about the buildup and  the actual affair she had with an old high school friend after re-establishing a strong connection during the collapse of her 24 – year marriage, become a catharsis that transformed into a long journey of self-discovery for Highland, who turn 60 this year.

Through meditation, which she is still actively participating in, Highland found this helped with writing her books.

“When talking about meditation I think that was one of the key things that helped me and still does help me deal with life and keep me calm and focused, “ disclosed Highland . “I think that is really what opened up my channels with my creative imagination. I think it’s the meditation and the breathing. I didn’t grow up with the principle of mediation. It has given me a different aspect to a way of looking at things so it’s not so materialistic. I ‘m more content to be by me self”.

Starting in May 2013 and finishing three months later. Highland became possessed with writing the books but does not have any idea why she chose her relationship with a married man to be the primary focus.

“I really didn’t know what I was doing honestly.” The Spadina and king St. Resident reflected. “It wasn’t like I just sat down and said I’m going to write a mystery novel and these are the characters. It wasn’t like that at all. It was very impromptu. It just kind of poured out. I had a lot going on. There were a lot dreams I was having and I guess it was a way for me to sort things out that were processing through me and different things awakening in me.”

During the summer months highland’s time will be spent travelling promoting her book with her first stop in Boston.

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