And now, floating atop Ottawa’s gutter…

By Frank Touby –

It’s axiomatic that silt floats to the top of the gutter. It’s lighter than water, mainly constituted just of air; the remainder of its composition is somewhat unknown, though its primary constituent is crap. Silt is insubstantial and its form can shift easily to accommodate the shape of its container and the fluid that suspends it. It floats in the nation’s capitol in varying degrees.
Currently, it’s quite thick. And now we have the capital piece being siphoned from the lobbying pond in Toronto to that greater cesspool on the hill. The neo-cons have floated Torquemada to their temple. Gatekeeper and higher brain to dozy ex-premier Mike Harris during his most destructive years ruining Toronto and Ontario, Guy Giorno joins the most evil elements of the Harris Common Simpleton’s Revolution under Dubya II: Steve Harper. Nasty Jim Flaherty, dimwitted Tony Clement and brutish John Baird are actually in Cabinet
Unlike his U.S. counterpart, Steve isn’t stupid. He’s intellectually more akin to Dick Cheney, only out front. Giorno, like Steve, is a true believer in rule by and for the elite, especially the corporate elites. You know, the trickle-down philosophy mouthed by poor adlepated and Alzheimer’s-ridden Ronny Reagan: water the rich so when they pee the poor can drink. He sired the nastiest moves any government outside Burma and its ilk would take against its population. He promoted discord in Ontario, pandering to the yokels by feeding their wrong-headed notions that big-city liberals were passing out their tax money to welfare bums. He advocated for slashing government payments to the most vulnerable in our society while at the same time passing out tax money to the richest corporations.
Another neo-con, Dalton McGuinty, who masquerades as a liberal, hasn’t remedied that in all his years in office. In fact, he’s reversed very little of the harm that Harris and his band of swine committed. McG is a major friend of huge developers, mine operators and other megarich corporations. But McG isn’t neo-con enough for the likes of Harper and Giorno. By demanding fair treatment for Ontario, which funds the lion’s share of federal coffers, Dalton is seen as another in that galaxy of enemies the paranoid squatters in Ottawa feel they must fight. Because he’s opposed in Ontario by another neo-con weak fish, John Tory, the Liberals here are in deep trouble. Rather than replacing Dalton as they should, they’ll keep him on. There won’t be any liberals in the Liberal party and that suits the big corporations just fine.
So when Steve, Guy, et al, insert some lunatic rightwing scum to replace Tory as the head of the Ontario reactionary party (the so-called Conservatives), they’ll show up Dalton as the donothing creep we know him to be. They’ll point to the very disasters caused by the Mike Harris bunch that McG never remedied, and blame the Liberals for it all. Nobody will do battle with Ontario better than the newest piece of silt added to the Ottawa gutter. Giorno’s tactic is the one that made Mike Harris the most-hated name in Ontario. Rule by decree and condemn your enemies. To the stake with them all!