Aleppo Christmas celebration after 5-year hiatus

Syrian Christians jubilantly prepare publicly for Aleppo Christmas for the first time in five years. Absent are the cameras from the western media.

Aleppo Christmas

Aleppo Christians jubilantly prepare publicly for Christmas for the first time in five years. Absent are the cameras from the western media.

The good news is that Aleppo has been successfully liberated. About 100,000 civilians have been freed from their terrorist captors who hoarded the UN food shipments denying food to the civilians, refused them medical care, looted their homes and factories, used them as human shields, destroyed their churches, executed anyone who supported the government, and scuppered several attempts at ceasefires. However, now that the United Nations Security Council has achieved an overall evacuation agreement, we can hope that all the terrorists and their families will soon or have already departed for Idlib. Aleppo Christmas

So the world should be celebrating the utter rout of the terrorists from East Aleppo after more than three years of occupation.Aleppo Christmas

The bad news is that, instead, western governments and media created false and sensational expectations of a bloodbath in Aleppo, which never occurred. Nonetheless, two US public relations experts were tasked to organize the #standwithaleppo worldwide campaign of demonstrations. Actually, the whole thing is fraudulent because the two experts tried to portray themselves as just “two ordinary moms” while one works as a public relations specialist at the US Democratic Party and the other is social media editor for CBS-TV Chicago and both are veterans at spinning the news about the war against Syria.Aleppo Christmas


The keynote speaker at the #standwithaleppo rally in Hamilton today is Dr. Anas Al-Kassem, who heads UOSSM Canada, a shady organization that claims to provide medical care impartially in Syria but which actually only operates in terrorist-controlled areas. Interviewed on CBC’s Metro Morning show earlier this week, he spoke about alleged atrocities committed during the rout of terrorists from Aleppo, which atrocities never took place. And, according to the recently-liberated Aleppans, he provided medical care only for the terrorists, who are mainly from Al Nusra, Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria. The purpose of the rally is clearly not to help Aleppo civilians, who have already been rescued, but rather to demonize and delegitimize the duly-elected government of Bashar al-Assad and provide continuing support for the western/Israeli/Saudi regime change operation in Syria.

If the organizers were truly interested in peace and the well-being of the citizens of Aleppo, they would call upon the Canadian government to do the following:

  • withdraw from the US-led coalition which is operating illegally in Syria;
  • end Canada’s illegal and punishing economic sanctions against Syria which prevented many Syrians from being able to find work and to afford to buy food for their children ;
  • withdraw from the so-called “Friends of Syria” Group of Countries which organized the proxy war on Syria starting in 2011;
  • restore normal diplomatic relations with Syria;
  • quit NATO so that Canada is not drawn into any further wars of the US empire. Please see our Facebook page for a variety of factual articles on the real situation in Aleppo, complete with photos and videos.

— Ken Stone 905-383-7693