Action plan requires city, provincial collaboration

By Marien Breen –

At the May 1 meeting at the Dominion on Queen, Toronto Centre MPP Glen Murray updated the CRBA on the status of the area’s community action plan.

The CRBA’s four main priorities were heritage preservation, the First Parliament site interpretation centre, a better north/south TTC line, and better health care and housing facilities.

The CRBA outlined its assets and challenges. Assets include strong engaged people with good organizations, a significant number of heritage buildings and a wide range of knowledgeable young residents and newcomers. Community safety, transit alternatives, availability of health care (e.g. walk-in clinics), family amenities and residential units number among the challenges.

Now that the CRBA has identified its strengths and needs, it will be easier to come up with an action plan to put the group’s ideas into motion. Ideally, two levels of government will collaborate on behalf of city centre neighbourhoods. Murray thanked city councillor Pam McConnell for her continued support in this process.

The CRBA looks forward to working with Murray and the provincial and municipal governments in the future.

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Breen is a member of the CRBA board.