A tribute to Nick & Sophie on retiring from Time Square

Teresa McGeachie —

Nick and Sophie Demopolous have recently retired and sold Time Square restaurant. We wish them the best of everything in the future years. We thank them for all the service and support they have provided in St. Lawrence Neighbourhood for the last 30 years. They have been a huge part of our lives and will never be forgotten. Both of their restaurants were lovingly and fondly called just “Nick’s” by the locals. And I have a funny feeling that will continue.

Nick and Sophie served The St. Lawrence Neighbourhood for approximately 30 years. First with “Nicholas and Sons” restaurant at 164 The Esplanade and then with “Time Square” restaurant at 140 The Esplanade.Time-Square-FI

Nick and Sophie decided to keep the name “Nicholas and Sons” when they bought the first restaurant,  even though they have three daughters—Olga, Helen and Kathy.  The girls grew up in the restaurant industry and were of great help to their parents. Now they’re all grown up and with children of their own. Helen, who has a degree in hospitality, decided to go into the business full time with her mum and dad. Helen and her husband Steve managed Time Square with Nick and Sophie and became as well known throughout the years.

The Demopolous family have sponsored many children and adult sport teams over the years, at least three generations worth. They have also been extremely generous in sponsoring Community events and festivals.  Many of us, our children and now our grandchildren have consumed many many portions of their delicious fish and chips, and good old take-out fries and gravy.

They were always a busy hub of social activity for our neighbourhood: karaoke nights, pool leagues, dart leagues, children’s Christmas party with Santa and presents for all. Birthday parties, theme nights, anniversaries and beautiful memorials for our departed friends and neighbours over the years.

They are open and honest people with hearts of gold. Every regular customer felt like family, and that meant so much to some who were alone in life and sometimes down in their luck.

They were very private in some of their good deeds, but I know that they helped so many people over the years. If someone was ill and housebound, it was not unusual for the Demopolous family to provide them with their favourite meal—no charge and delivered to the door—this is amongst other acts of kindness.

People come and go in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, but many make a point coming back to Toronto just to say hello to Nick, Sophie, Helen/Steve, Olga/Luke and Kathy/Jimmy—and eat and drink their old favourites from their menu. We welcome the new owners Chris and Debbie Theofanidis to our lovely neighbourhood and wish them well.  Please drop by and introduce yourselves.