84% of TCDSB high schoolers pass literacy test

Emmy Milne —

Angela Gautier, TDCSB

Angela Gautier, TDCSB

The Toronto Catholic District School Board congratulates secondary school students who have passed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, with 84% of students achieving success on the latest assessment.

“The success rate of our students on the literacy test speaks to the solid foundation in language that begins at the earliest stages of a child’s academic career, and continues through high school,” says . “In the area of literacy, our emphasis remains on supporting those students who are not successful the first time.”

The grade 9 mathematics results have shown a slight improvement over time with 83% of students achieving expectations compared to 80% five years ago in academic math, and a marked improvement of 44% up from 35% for those in the applied program. TCDSB has made significant progress over the past five years but the Board results remaining slightly below the provincial average, so we acknowledge the need to concentrate our efforts in this area.

“It is clear that more work needs to be done to ensure that our students perform as well in mathematics as they do in language,” says the Director. “The weaker results in mathematics are not unique to our board, and we recognize that a provincial solution is needed to ensure that our students can achieve to their full potential in this area.”