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Registering with an online casino and playing slots may seem pretty easy at first glance. But once you begin choosing an online casino provider, figuring out which sites have the highest bonuses and which ones are legal to operate in Canada can make the process quite complicated.  But thanks to a new YouTube channel produced by Online Casinos Canada (OCC), the process of selecting an online casino has now become both streamlined and simplified.

It features Renny G, a fellow Canuck who clarifies everything casino from basic blackjack strategies to understanding the site’s ‘terms and conditions’ in a fun, easy format. This provides an ideal solution for any Canadian citizen looking to dip their toes into the exciting world of virtual casinos.

In the episode below, Renny breaks down the ins and outs of playing slots. This author assumed that it was simply a matter of entering a deposit and pulling the lever anxiously anticipating three ‘7’s in a row. But a delightfully charismatic Renny explains how today’s online casinos offer what are known as classic slots, progressive slots and video slots. She also demonstrates how today’s online slots games break up the monotony with various bonus rounds encouraging continuous play with free paylines.

And thanks to OCC’s video entitled ‘Online Casinos: Finding the Best Welcome Bonus’, I’m now aware that casinos actually shower new players with free cash upon registration. As Renny explains, the casinos will offer what are called ‘welcome bonuses’-a specific sum of money that is deposited into the player’s account upon registration.

And just when you think you’re ready to start playing, Renny saves the day with a cautionary warning of the small print lurking in the casino’s terms and conditions. Although nothing could be more boring than reading a site’s terms and conditions, Renny’s animated sense of humor (and good looks) makes it easy on the eyes (and the brain). But despite the entertaining presentation, understanding the terms and conditions of web-based casino providers is of utmost importance.

That’s because many new players can easily be wooed by the generous bonuses offered but as Renny explains, there are strings attached. And those who fail to read the fine print can learn the hard way that the free money being offered can tie up the player’s funds forcing them to play through more games than they may have expected. Renny goes onto list another reason why checking the terms and conditions are so important. The reason is because it will often highlight in which jurisdictions the casino is legally permitted to operate. The reason this is so vital is because if it’s not authorized in Canada, you could be prevented from withdrawing your winnings-a daunting notion for any Canadian looking to play an online casino game.

Online Casinos Canada’s addictive videos seem to communicate a consistent message. There’s a lot of important information to consider before selecting an online casino. This can be anything from the highest bonuses for the game you want to play to which casino providers are licenced to operate in Canada. And for the answer to all these questions and more, one can look no further than OCC’s website. That’s because provides a comprehensive breakdown of everything you wanted to know about playing casino games online but were afraid to ask.

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