Why people should visit Toronto

Whatever you love doing, you will find something to suit you when you visit the wonderful city of Toronto. The city is one of the most friendly and most multi-cultural in the whole world, with over 140 languages regularly spoken around Toronto. The city is so welcoming that it’s estimated that around half of their residents weren’t even born in the Canada, they just visited and never wanted to leave. This welcoming attitude means Toronto is an exciting mix of the world’s best food, music, sport and entertainment.

But what really keeps people coming back time and time again is the nightlife of downtown Toronto. By day it might just seem like an ordinary busy business district, but by night it is transformed into a world of fun whatever your age, taste in music or background. Toronto is home to a number of lively nightclubs. Cake Night Club is popular with the younger crowd, is North America’s biggest night club and home to some of the best electronic dance music in the country. For the more mature night owl, Downtown Toronto is full of upscale supper clubs and lounges that do some of the finest food and drink in the area. Wherever you visit in Toronto, you’ll be greeted with some of the best service you’ll ever experience.

The Downtown area really comes to life every summer when the Canadian National Exhibition takes place. The event attracts hundreds of thousands of people over an 18-day festival showcasing the country’s best entertainment and food. It even has its own pop-up casino which people from around America flock to and experience gambling in its unique atmosphere with food and entertainment. If you’re keen not to look like so much of a tourist before you enter the casino, you can brush up your skills on Spin Palace’s online roulette tables before you leave home. The online casino is possibly the closest experience you can get to the real thing and will really help you learn the rules whilst starting the fun of your trip early.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing to do during the day, Toronto and its surrounding cities also have a lot of traditional culture for you to absorb yourself in. Woodstock is only 120 or so kilometres from Toronto’s city centre, and like the name would suggest, is home to some of America’s oldest woodworking techniques. This year the city celebrated the 30th year of their Woodstock show, the oldest woodworking show in North America, where talented craftspeople show off their traditional techniques and tools. Although the festival is only held for a few days in October, you’ll find a lot of artists in their shops willing to show you how it’s done.

So whatever you look for in a vacation, you’re sure to find it and more in Toronto.

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