What office employee are you?

Not all offices are like how they are portrayed on the TV; lucky for most of us our most is not David Brent! The office is such a dynamic environment. It is constantly changing, new people join, and others leave. That’s how the office works. Not only is it a dynamic environment because of the constantly changing environment, but because of the personalities that work there.  Working in an office can be very challenging; you work very closely with your peers, which can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes you are forced to work with people who you don’t like or who just are so demanding that they annoy everyone.

Not only can work cause tension between employees it can also cause a lot of personal stress, which then can reflect back into your personal life. This is why it is very important that you have a good balance between work and personal life.

If you are a bit of a workaholic, your work social life could be lacking. This could mean you are unable to build solid work relationships. Work relationships are important as employees spend most of their waking hours with their fellow co-workers. If you are a workaholic and you find your work relations suffering there are some ways you can start to improve this. Getting more involved with informal, out of work hour gathering is a great way to start to build relations.

Furthermore getting to know your fellow colleagues is important and it improves teamwork in the office. A good example is when a new person starts, they often stay fairly isolated from the team, however, once people start to get to know them they become fully integrated into the office.

Finding out what role you play in your office is important, as this will help you find out how you can improve yourself. If you’re the robot you may lack direction without the leader telling you what to do. However, if you’re the robot there are no confines at work that say you have to stay in that role. That’s the beauty with offices, once you know what work place personality you are you can make changes and become someone else.

This infographic was brought to you Cezanne HR Management. Don’t forget this is just a quiz and cannot account for what your personality at work truly is. It gives you a good guideline and may help you evaluate what role you do actually play in your office.

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