What if you won the lottery?

First of all, it would be great to consult a professional to be in the clear by means of taxes and what the Government is taking from you. After that calculus, you will have a clear idea of how much you can spend and maybe invest, that’s another great idea since you might be thinking that you are a millionaire now and you can spend without limits, but that’s a big mistake, your money will run down. Sit down with pen and paper and think of ideas to invest your earnings, remember that you can also put it in the bank, the interests you will win might make up to a good amount.

Avoid spending it immediately in state or sports cars (it’s a rookie´s mistake), because those goods are money-eating monsters, and you will spend most of your big prize in paying taxes. Remember, keep it simple, buy land and build something there you can sell or rent, put your money to work for you. You can also try the online lottery and maybe double your earnings. There are millions of options, just remember to board them with a cool-headed and thinking ahead.

Another important point is thinking if you are ready to go public on your earnings, or if you are going to keep it for yourself. Both options have their pros and cons if you consider going public think that most of your relatives, friends, and any person you know will very probably start asking you for money, or they will feel a sudden desire of contacting you, even when it´s been 20 years. Companies will ring on your phones every single hour and every single day till you throw them away, or go live in the woods. If you like it, be our guest, we don’t advise it. In another hand, it´s really hard to keep a fortune for yourself, think about telling a reduced group of your close relatives, asking them not to tell, just to avoid hard feelings.

Remember to keep it on the humble side, don´t take rush actions and please don´t quit your job in a dramatic fashion. Some time ago, a man lost half of his recent fortune and faced five years in prison for literally pissing on his boss after winning the lotto. You might think in keeping your job, till you get tired and then quit, after knowing that your future is assured. Just try to make a subtle and slow transition from regular life to a new one, take it easy and everything is going to be alright.

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