Use a cash advance when Canada 150 spending gets out of control

Canada Day usually passes by us with little fanfare. Sure, there are fireworks and parades, but we celebrate the nation’s day in a quiet way — especially when you compare our festivities to our neighbours to the south. This year, however, in celebration of the nation’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, the country pulled out all of the stops, spending $500 million on the sesquicentennial.

Between family BBQs, pilgrimages to Ottawa, and elaborate firework displays, individuals Canadians joined in on the fun — and the price tag, too. Unused to hosting such big Canada Day parties, many of us overindulged in the festivities, overspending on food, brews, and decorations.

Thanks to the big day, Canadians are sporting a holiday hangover worthy of the big 150 and the blame doesn’t lie solely with those ice-cold craft beers. If you dipped into important savings to fund your ambitious plans, July 1 can negatively affect your finances for the rest of the summer. All it takes is a single unexpected bill or unanticipated repair to throw you off track.

When you’re facing essential purchases, bills, or repairs with little cash on hand, a payday lender can offer the support you need. These lenders are growing in popularity, as they offer faster, convenient alternatives to conventional lenders. Most do their business online, which means you can avoid lengthy in-person interviews that often take place during typical work hours.

When you submit an application to GoDay, a Canada-wide lender, you can receive word on your qualification in as little as 5 minutes. That’s because their servers are operating 24/7 in order to process your application. In some cases, payday loans from GoDay in Canada are issued the same-day as you’re approved, making them ideal for when you need to cover important bills with upcoming due dates.

Ranging between $100 and $500, these small dollar loans are perfect for when you’re still recovering from the party. Like their name suggests, they’re due back by the date of your next paycheque, so take care to read the rates, terms, and conditions to ensure you can afford to take on this loan. The cost of this cash advance, plus its fees and interest rates, should be something you handle once you distance yourself from Canada Day.

Luckily, the 150th anniversary only comes once, so you won’t be tempted to pull out all of the stops again in your lifetime. As for this year, recover from the festivities with a convenient payday loan, and you’ll get your finances back on track.

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