3 reasons you should work with an Immigration Lawyer

Canadian immigration rules seem straightforward to many applicants. Hence, many of them overlook the need to work with an immigration lawyer to process their application. If you are planning to move to Canada, you may be tempted to follow the same path. However, that decision may cost you the chance to live or work in the country. Statistics indicate that more than 55% of all immigration applications do not meet the requirements for their first entry. It is clear from the statistics that those who ignore legal counsel end up making mistakes or missing some requirements in the application process. You do not want to be part of such statistics. Here are more reasons why you should work with a qualified immigration lawyer.

1. Access to Knowledge and Expertise

You have limited knowledge when preparing an immigration application for the first time. The procedure may look simple, but as indicated above, most people miss simple requirements while working alone. An immigration lawyer has enough experience and the necessary knowledge on the application process. The lawyer will ensure that you fill all the required fields in the application form. In addition, the immigration lawyer will ensure that you attach all the required documents.

For example, when applying for Express Entry many people fail the first time because they miss the set deadline of 90 days. If you use a lawyer you are assured that your application documents will be ready and submitted within the deadline. Also remember that immigration laws change all the time. A competent lawyer keeps track of such changes and ensures that your application complies with the new laws in the event that some change occurs during the course of the application.

2. Reasonable Fees

Another reason why you should hire an immigration lawyer is that most law firms charge reasonable fees for the process. If you hire the right lawyer, he or she should have explained their fees in advance so that you know exactly how much you will have to pay.  A good lawyer will also have some kind of payment plan to spread out the cost of legal fees.  In the end it’s well worth the investment of paying a lawyer to ensure that your immigration application to Canada is successful.

Part of your homework in the immigration process is to do a background check on the lawyer before hiring. You can differentiate competent immigrations lawyers from scams by their client portfolio, knowledge of the process, and focus on meeting your needs.

3. Higher Chances of Success

Your application form may be among the forms that are rejected after the first submission if you miss some requirements. You have better chances of succeeding in your first application when working with an experienced lawyer. Even if you miss a document or need to provide additional information, the lawyer will be quick to correct any mistake or oversight, and will have expertise in dealing with any concerns raised by the immigration authorities.

Many people who opt to go through the process alone end up wasting several months because of multiple rejections. Some lose their only opportunity to immigrate because of their lack of knowledge of the process. You have higher chances of successfully immigrating when you allow a qualified immigration lawyer to help you with the application process.

If you want to move to Canada or stay as a temporary resident, it is always advisable to work with an immigration lawyer. A qualified lawyer will help you complete the application forms accurately and make sure that you get the correct supporting documents. You will pay reasonable fees for the services and increase your chances of a successful application. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time or lose the chance to immigrate if you make a mistake and fail to meet all the immigration application requirements.