Toys ‘R’ Us gives ailing local girl a toy-store grabfest

On Oct. 29, 2014, a Toronto “Starlight” child will participate in a 3-Minute Dash through the Toys“R”Us store at Sherway Gardens (690 Evans Ave) to snatch as much merchandise as possible within a three minute timeframe. —Kids-in-toy-store-FI

The 3-Minute Dash is donated by Toys“R”Us as part of their longstanding partnership with Starlight Canada and will take place in five cities across Canada: Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. Participants were randomly selected from each province as part of a contest Starlight Canada held earlier this month. Applicants were asked to share the details of their care journey and submit them to their local Starlight programs co-ordinator for entry.

Unique to the Toronto 3-Minute Dash, Starlight child Colena, who was randomly selected through contest for this Dash, has requested to share her special opportunity with three other local seriously ill Starlight children. Colena explained her belief lies in the Plato quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”Kids-in-toy-store-1

“Toys“R”Us, Canada’s ongoing commitment to our in and out-of-hospital programming is invaluable to Starlight,” says Starlight executive director, Brian Bringolf. “Special events like the 3-Minute Dash provide Starlight children with a chance to create much-needed positive memories away from the hospital, treatments and therapies.”

“Children have always been the focus of our charity work and Starlight continues to be a great partner for us as together, we share the goal of brightening the lives of seriously ill children when they need a reason to smile” says Kevin Macnab, President, Toys“R”Us Canada.  “Providing the Starlight children with an empty cart, and full reign of a Toys“R”Us store for 3 minutes, is the perfect escape from their hospital stay, as they race through the aisles and experience a fun and unique opportunity that they will never forget.  After events like these, it’s the joy on the children’s faces that motivate our employees to continue to raise funds and awareness for Starlight and towards making a difference in children’s lives.”



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