Toronto Centre deserves better representation

Kate Sellar —

One of the reasons I chose to run as the NDP candidate in Toronto Centre is because I believe that Ontarians deserve better. We deserve a government that is effective and honest. Over the past eleven years we have lived with a government that has deceived us and taken advantage of our trust again and again. Whether it was over e-Health or the huge costs associated with the cancellation of the gas plants in Oakville, this government has thrown good money after bad, and has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal their wrongdoing.HiRes_1940

I sought the NDP nomination in this election because, like you, I’m fed up. We deserve a government that spends money on affordable housing and childcare rather than on cancellation fees and coverups. We deserve a government that takes the time to explain its policies rather than to deceive us by erasing computer hard-drives and pretending they did nothing wrong. We deserve a government that treats us with respect and speaks to us honestly.

As your NDP MPP I will work to earn your trust, not take advantage of it. I will work to return responsibility to government and promote your interests. This election is about fairness. It’s about giving Ontarians the government they deserve.

Kate Sellar, Toronto Centre NDP Candidate

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