Tips for selling your home faster

The real estate market does not remain in a stagnant state, it has highs where properties sell like cakes and alternate lows wherein it would be extremely difficult to sell a property. With the latter, you run the risk of your property sitting ducks for months—a scenario you would not want to happen. The truth is, no one can predict the erratic movements of the real estate market, there is no certain way to know for sure what the best time to sell your property is. However, there are several ways of boosting your chances of your property getting seen and sold. It matters not whether a property is situated in Arca South or elsewhere, here are some of the best tips to get your property seen and eventually sold:

  • 1.) Post a video about your home on Youtube

To make your home more visible online and on real estate listings, record yourself giving your online audiences a virtual tour of your home. Entice potential buyers to make an offer by telling them what is so great about your home and your neighbourhood, show them the best areas of your home. Take it up a notch by taking the tour outside and into your neighbourhood, let your potential buyers know where the best shops are, what makes the bakery so great and what makes the coffee shop near your house the perfect hangout place. In a sense, make your potential buyers know what it is like to be living in your home and in your neighbourhood.

  • 2.) Enlist your neighbours’ help

Get the word out of your home’s listing by asking for your neighbours’ assistance .Go beyond asking them to tell their friends and relatives about your listing and instead, join the neighbourhood online community. In message boards and email lists, let them know your house is for sale and send a link to your home’s online listing. Your neighbors even have the chance to choose their prospective neighbors by telling friends and people they know about your listing—especially those who have been looking to live in your area and community.

  • 3.) Facebook your home’s listing

Do not underestimate the power of social media. As Facebook is known to be the world’s number-1 social media platform, and the greatest connector of people across the globe, it would make a lot of sense to broadcast your listing in this platform. Just imagine sharing your link on your profile to 500 of your friends and a handful of them spreading on the message. If you want a large scale audience to know about your listing, Facebook is one excellent way to let them know.

  • 4.) Leave some of the good stuff behind

Instead of selling some personal items you would not be able to bring with you on your move, leave them behind instead to entice potential buyers to make an offer for your home or match the price you have given. If you have a flat-screen TV which has no room in your new flat, a brand new kitchen appliance, a furniture set or something else of value, leave it behind and sweeten the deal for your potential buyers.

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