(The Bog House) 1456 Firelane 1, Port Colborne, Ontario

A one-of-a-kind retreat in a rare Canadian Carolinian forest


A view of The Bog House looking North. A circular driveway continues from the stone road leading from an antique natural stone bridge on Weaver Road to the home.

It’s just moments on foot from the sandy beach on ocean-like Lake Erie which so resembles the high rolling waves and setting of early Martha’s Vineyard that former Ivy Leaguers living in Buffalo and its subDSCF1599urbs built their cottages here in the 1900s. They settled in a large crescent-shaped shoreline of Port Colborne, Ontario called Lorraine Bay. It was in those days mostly an American enclave. Many original families still have their cottages here and their descendants form the unique and exclusive community called the Lorraine Bay Association which conducts summertime events such as tennis matches on beautiful private courts, picnics and softball games in a private field. It also maintains the private road and antique stone bridge that leads from Weaver Road across a canal to (and beyond) the land known as: The Bog at 1456 Firelane 1, Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 5V3 NOTE that The Bog House and land has been sold to a couple from St. Catherines as of 21/09/18. Lynda Kramer was the real-estate agent.

DSCF1598The Bog House is nestled in on 7.2 acres of a Carolinian forest of mostly virgin land and is designated by Ontario as a Provincially Significant Wetlands. Endangered native plants are present here, along with massive maples, pines and other native species. Although it is on a peat bog, the land isn’t wet anywhere near the house.

It’s near a stop on the renowned Friendship Trail:

The Bog House is just a 3-minute bicycle ride up Weaver Road to the famous Friendship Trail which can take you directly into downtown Port Colborne, but also to Port Erie and the Peace Bridge, 16 kms to the east. It’s parallel to the north shore of Lake Erie.

Beginning at the Port Colborne border in the west, this relaxing and picturesque trail takes visitors through lush farmland, quaint villages, pristine watersheds, and quiet residential areas as it leads to historic Old Fort Erie, Lake Erie and the Niagara River Recreation Trail.

DSCF1589Much of the trail is located upon an abandoned rail line, meaning it is level and smooth; an easy ride for children and adults alike. The trail is used by walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers in the summer, and hikers and cross-country skiers in the winter. Of course, the trail is also wheelchair accessible.

Providing views of the Buffalo Skyline on the horizon, the Friendship Trail extends 17 km east across picturesque Six Mile Creek and through quiet residential streets as it leads to historic Old Fort Erie, waterfront parks along Lake Erie and the Niagara River Recreation Trail beyond. The majority of the trail is relatively level and smooth, making it easy walking and riding for children and adults alike.

Features of The Bog House:

DSCF1581It comes fully furnished. All furnishings seen in the photos are included in the purchase price. When it was bought by the current owners, The Bog House was an uninsulated 2-storey 1927 wood-frame cabin in the distinct Martha’s Vineyard architectural style. It was strictly for summer cottage and fall duck hunting uses. It had 1 bathroom upstairs with 3 bedrooms. One, a “kid’s room,” is smaller with 2 single beds.  A huge single bedroom is also on the 2nd floor, with a king bed and room to add a fourth bedroom by installing a wall in the centre. There are 2 entrance doors already. The current owners, who are selling, added a large ground-floor Master Suite with king-size bed, bubble-bath/shower-tub combo. It was placed where a dilapidated screened-in porch once stood behind the huge native stone fireplace and chimney. The former outside of the great stone chimney is a beautiful and prominent feature in the bedroom, running up the east wall and through the high ceiling. There are modern lighting fixtures in the ceiling.

DSCF1572They created a large, well-equipped kitchen with a 6-burner Viking gas range and modern sink. They maintained the original painted wood floor, adding shelves, drawers and other kitchen paraphernalia. The original Bog House had a containment tank that needed regular pumping out. That was understandable for a seasonal cottage, but not for year-round occupancy. The new owners spent $40,000 to design and build a state-of-the-art septic system that passed stringent Ontario environmental regulations regarding the sensitive fordest where its drain field was built.

They insulated all the external walls to R40, installed a natural-gas furnace in 2014 and a forced-air air conditioner was online earlier. Inside The Bog House the temperature is perfect no matter what the season or outside temperature.

A full complement of television stations are available via satellite and two large-screen TV sets are located in the master bedroom and in the living room. See the real estate broker’s listing price and features here.

Features of the portion of the 7.2-acre property where The Bog House sits:

An approximately half-acre naturalized pond with fish and a flat-bottom aluminum boat adjoins the stone road leading to The Bog House. To the east a flowing creek runs along Weaver Road, past The Bog and into Lake Erie.

Aside from the grassy lawn, the property remains in its natural state, although that isn’t required by any level of government.


Upstairs Master Bedroom with Queen bed.


A massive natural stone fireplace on the west side of the house marks the spot where the original 1927 cottage ended. Behind it was a screened-in porch which the current owners removed and replaced with a large master bedroom suite with adjoining full bathroom, spa-style tub and shower.


In the centre of the large Living Room are 2 sofas separated by a long natural wood table.


View of the Kitchen looking NorthEast. The family-sized kitchen has an open cathedral ceiling, modern appliances including a 6-burner Viking gas range.


A southeast view in the large kitchen which has retained the original painted plank flooring from the original cottage.


View East from the Living Room toward the Kitchen.


View East through the door of a massive bedroom that could easily be divided in half and contain 2 king-sized beds. The bedroom has 2 doorways and was originally intended to be divided.


On the East side, south of the large Laundry and Utility Room, is an expansive deck of pressure-treated timber with a natural gas outlet connected for barbecues.


South of The Bog House on the bank of a 1/3-acre pond this metal utility shed parks a car or pickup.

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