Sports games as a technological revolution online

In the highly technological world of the 21st  century, sports is no exception. A very physical thing like sports has been computerized. Fortunately, for the better. As more and more people are attracted towards online sports games, various websites have come up with even more attractive games. Sports games are something like an entertainment tool to this generation. Some of the most renowned forums also come up online sports awards to promote these games. Some of the coolest online sports games are discussed further.


One of the most popular sports games is the ultimate favourite FIFA 16. The game has also topped this year’s Forbes awards list. There is the real atmosphere, and you can get the feel of actual football field tactics. You get to build your team, choose their field positions, and handle the pressure of winning/losing, and everything that happens in a real football game. It offers more than 10 thousand players and 500 teams to choose from. The best online football game for a reason.


A superb game from the 1990’s, the NBA Jam is a thrilling video game. It allows you to play with a teammate against another team of two. More than 30 teams from the real NBA

NBA Jam video game

feature in this game. Play the coolest arcade basketball with just a one-time payment and no in-app purchases. The rules are also loosely structured to add more spice to your gaming experience. Break the rules and have fun with multiplayer and campaign modes of NBA Jam.

Forza Horizon 3

The terrific racing extravaganza awaits you at the Forza Horizon 3. It is the coolest of all racing games beating even the F1 2016. Engage in the fiery races with the meticulously designed supercars. Get the real heat spirit while racing with the top contenders. This game is all about style, spirit and nonstop racing. You have the best chance of experiencing the unnerving yet crazy journey of a racer with Forza Horizon 3.

EA Sports UFC 2

Probably the finest individual sports games on the Internet, the EA Sports UFC 2 is simply amazing. With the incredibly lifelike characters and their injuries, this game offers you the best of the real world. The details and virtual characteristics of this sports game are what sets it apart from others and interests the huge fan following. Punch and kick and experience an astounding combating game at the EA Sports UFC 2.

Golf Star

With the Golf Star, you enter a world of missions and tournaments in a career mode. The game is a blockbuster among golf fans. It takes you to the real happenings of real events and organizes weekly tournaments. You can access the game online with one-player, multiplayer, and four-player contests. You can create your guild and create a friend circle. Go to championships representing your guild and complete goals. It is a free game.

9 innings baseball

For the baseball lovers out there, 9 innings baseball is pretty popular and exciting. The game is launched every year with better features and smarter moves. You get to play in the real baseball environment with the card collection and newest rosters. It offers more than 1,400 players and 30 teams from the MLB. You to collect cards, level them up through training, and play the real game. It is a free game and offers amazing real baseball experience.

The world of online sports games is huge. It prevents cyberbullying and benefits the players in more than one way. Sports games on the Internet are helpful in making the players mentally active if not physically. Some sports games you can find at


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