Showing support for Toronto when you’re living afar

Ontario Place -one of several locations along Toronto’s waterfront for a World Water Museum.

Maybe you lived there for a school year or just visited for a few weeks. You don’t need to be a full-blooded Torontonian to know that Toronto is a hard place to forget once you’ve left Lake Ontario’s shore.

Other than trying to move there and convince everyone else you know to move there too, here are some ways to show your support for Toronto when you’re miles and miles away. Don’t worry; you can plan another trip soon.

Share Your Love On Social Media

Browse Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll soon realize that you’re not the only non-Torontonian who has a deep love for Toronto. Find a Facebook group that discusses and appreciates all things Toronto or better yet, start your own page.

Love all the pictures you took on your trip but don’t want to keep them all to yourself? Create a separate Instagram account and make it all about Toronto. You could also just post all of your pictures (yes, even the ten pictures you took of poutine) and create a hashtag or find one that already exists.

Create Your Own Online Shop

Are you a crafty person and can’t get Toronto out of your head? Why not make wearable goods, such as earrings, out of some of your souvenirs (like a map). Knit scarves with a Red Maple Leaf. Make something that reminds you of your trip. A like-minded customer is bound to find your wares at an online shop (like Etsy) and feel transported back to Toronto, too.

Build Your Own Website

Maybe you already have a blog that you use a few times a year but why not build your own website as a tribute to your favorite city? Post pictures, videos, and even some of your own reviews of some of Toronto’s best restaurants.

Have exclusive pictures of Secret Swing before it was removed or did you somehow manage to get a tour of the Toronto Sewers? Fill your website with content that you love and that other Toronto enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

Building a website is easy and affordable (some sites are even free) when you check out the Best 10 Website Builders. Once you start building a site, you can publish it immediately and make changes easily, whenever you want.

Once you get your website up and running, you can always add items to sell, too, so your site can be a one-stop-shop for all things Toronto.

Plan Your Next Trip

One of the best ways to show support for Toronto is to plan a visit again. While taking a spontaneous trip through Toronto is always fun (and encouraged), take note of all the things you wanted to do but didn’t have the chance or didn’t even know existed.

Whether your visit is a week or a month, take as much as you can in and try to immerse yourself in the unique and diverse culture of a memorable city. Don’t forget to take photos to add to your website (but don’t forget to just sit back and enjoy, too).