Richmond St. lawyer temporarily suspended, fined

The Law Society Tribunal has temporarily suspended Richmond St. lawyer Otto Mok, who has been practicing since 2004, due to findings of professional misconduct.

The panel determined that the following allegations were established:

The panel ordered that Mok be suspended for three and a half months commencing on May 26, 2017 (the date of the Tribunal’s decision and order).

Mok was also ordered to comply fully with the terms of the Law Society’s Guidelines for Lawyers Who are Suspended or Who Have Given an Undertaking Not to Practise while suspended.

He also has to pay costs to the Law Society in the amount of $5,000. An installment of $2,500 is to be paid on or before May 26, 2018, and an installment of $2,500 shall be paid on or before May 26, 2019. Commencing immediately after May 26, 2019, interest shall accrue on any unpaid part of those costs, at a rate of 2% per year.

Counsel for the Law Society was Louise Hurteau. Mok self-represented.