How tech companies are impacting our lives

With the rapid advancements in our technology it is inevitable we see it play a more substantial role in our everyday lives. From loading a Red Flush casino game from our phone to making banking transactions via our tablet, the technology we have available makes our everyday tasks easier and is a growing influence in our world – and it looks set to continue for a long time yet. In Canada in particular, businesses are grasping the importance of technology and there are many high profile companies that have developed over the last few years.

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One area of growth is the online casino market. The ease at which you can play, be it from a smartphone or a laptop means that a lot of customers enjoy playing, whether it is a spin on the roulette, blackjack or trying to bluff your way to victory on the poker table. Red Flush online casino provide all of their customers with the chance to experience these games, with the graphics and sounds superbly replicating a real casino feeling. Their excellent service, combined with high security levels that allow customers to deposit and withdraw money without any worry means that they have steadily built up their reputation across the online casino world.


The casino industry, and Red Flush in particular, are taking advantage of our use of technology. As mentioned, you can play their games in many formats, and in many places, so they have clearly identified a way to provide a service for customers and stuck at it. There are of course other examples of Canadian success stories when it comes to tech companies, and one that stands out is Plenty of Fish, an online dating website. Like the casino industry, there was a lot of competition and alternatives for customers, but the Vancouver based company managed to grow in the market and developed an excellent reputation as a matchmaking site. So much so, that they managed to obtain over 109 million registered users and the company was sold in 2015 for an astonishing $575m by founder Markus Frind. Again, they rely solely on technology, people accessing it via devices, and they exploited this to provide a service that is globally popular. It’s not going to end there, with the technology we have expanding and improving year on year, whatever business you are involved in, technology will be playing some part, and there are many more Canadian companies that will make in impact in 2016, involving anything from medicine, to shoes to gaming, there is a way they can work.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.04.04 PMOverall, the technology we use has grown significantly over recent years and it is unlikely that this trend will stop. We rely on it for many reasons and many of the everyday tasks we do will involve technology in some capacity. Given that companies, and many from Canada, are concentrating specifically on ways to tap into the market which leaves us customers as beneficiaries. From playing casino games, to online dating, technology has it covered.

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