Receiving necessary home care through Equinoxe Life Care

Getting home care doesn’t mean losing your own agency or mobility.

When somebody is ill enough to require long-term home care, getting the proper level of attention can be difficult. Luckily, home senior care Montreal offers a kind, caring home care service that gives patients the dignity and respect that they deserve while also providing top-level care that is personal and comprehensive. By choosing Equinoxe for your home care needs, you are forming a relationship with an organization that will treat you and your loved ones as a top priority at all times.

Specialized Personal Care

Equinoxe provides specialized care with a personable and experienced healthcare professional for people with a variety of different ailments. Some of the conditions which may require personalized home care includes Alzheimer’s, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. These are not the only diseases that may require intensive home care, however. If you or a loved one possesses a condition that limits mobility, damages fine motor skills, or reduces cognitive capabilities, then having a professional in the home can allow a better quality of life. Having somebody capable of providing home care means fewer trips to the doctor’s office and the ability to live a longer, happier life without limits.

Medical Support Provided

A home care professional can provide a wide range of different procedures and treatments to those in need. This includes basic diagnostic tests such as blood pressure monitoring, wound care, diabetes training, colostomy care, and more. Aside from normal medical procedures, these professionals can also take care of basic chores around the home which provide a better quality of life. If you or your loved one needs somebody to provide laundry, meal preparation, or other home care, the care of a professional can help immensely. These services can also help improve  your overall health and longevity by providing nutrition, hydration, and exercise that improves longevity and flexibility.

Working with a Life Care Manager

If you decide that Equinoxe is a service for you, the first step to take is to make an appointment with a life care manager. This individual will meet with you are review your physical and mental health needs. The care manager will then develop a complete treatment regime that will cater to your personal needs. The regime will include activities and treatments that serve your physical, emotional, and social necessities. This can also include meal planning that will help you reduce problems caused by a nutritional deficiency. Not only can these services provide assistance during your day to day life, but they can also improve your safety and cognitive functioning over a longer period of time.

Getting home care doesn’t mean losing your own agency or mobility. By making an appointment with an Equinoxe life care manager, you can find out the full array of treatment options available to you. A home care professional might be somebody who stays with you full time and prepares your meals and other necessities, or it might be somebody who stops in to care for you as needed. Regardless, you are guaranteed a high quality of life and personalized service.

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