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  • Annabelle Goodman

    Annabelle was an educator for many years. She was considered a pioneer in teaching in using film to teach analytical thinking and media savvy. She retired as Principal of Brown School. Film has always been a hobby and a great interest. Dining in all types of restaurants is also a passion. In order to keep fit she enjoys daily exercise of pilates, yoga and stretch classes. To keep mentally fit she studies Spanish and loves to travel. Her monthly book club is a great hobby encouraging her to read a wide variety of books. Visiting with children, grandchildren and great children is always her greatest pleasure. Email her at annabelle.goodman@thebulletin.ca.
  • Anthony Marcusa

    Anthony Marcusa is a long-time contributor to The Bulletin. Email him at anthony.marcusa@thebulletin.ca.
  • Bruce Bell

    Although born and raised in Sudbury Ont, Bruce Bell has carved out quite a niche for himself in Toronto, historically speaking. Bruce has been writing a popular monthly column on the history of Toronto for the Bulletin, Canada’s largest community newspaper since 1999. In 2002 he was named by the city of Toronto the Official Historian of St. Lawrence Hall and St Lawrence Market. In November of 2003 Bruce was asked by the Ontario Heritage Foundation to host the 200 anniversary celebrations of St. Lawrence Market. In May 2004 Bruce was appointed official historian of Toronto’s King Edward Hotel as part of the famed hotel’s centennial celebrations. In October 2004 Bruce was appointed Honourary Historian of the Hockey Hall of Fame Heritage Building. In June 2006 Bruce was appointed Curator in Residence for the spectacular Dominion Bank Building (built in 1914). In October 2006 Bruce was bestowed the title ‘Honourary Historian of the 51 Division Heritage Building’ by Toronto Police Services for his work as a historian in 51 Division. In April 2007 as part of the Fairmont Hotel & Resorts 100 year birthday celebrations, Bruce was named Honourary Historian of the famed Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Bruce is the author of two books Amazing Tales of St. Lawrence Neighbourhood and the just published TORONTO: A Pictorial Celebration. Bruce is also the official tour guide of Toronto’s famed St Lawrence Market where visitors from around the globe are constantly being impressed with his expert knowledge. In addition to his tours at St Lawrence Market, Bruce conducts tours through Old Town Toronto, University of Toronto, Kensington Market, Yorkville and the Historic Distillery District as well as walking tour weekends in New York City. In 2003 Bruce began his History Project a historical plaque program which to date includes marking the site with large bronze markers of Toronto’s First Jail, The Great Fire of 1849, the hanging of the Rebellion of 1837 leaders Lount and Matthews and the birthplace of Canadian Statesman Robert Baldwin. Bruce’s mission is to tell Toronto’s history through his tours, writings and lectures including his sold out shows at Toronto’s famed Winter Garden Theatre, in an informative and entertaining way. Email him at bruce.bell@thebulletin.ca.
  • Chris Moise

    For over 17 years, Toronto Centre-Rosedale has been my home. I work at St. Michael's Hospital and I own a pet supply business in the St. Lawrence Market area. I love our community and want to help ensure that we continue to invest in its diversity and growth. The diversity of our neighbourhoods reflects the diversity of our children. Our schools should therefore reflect our communities in curriculum, programming, and elected representation. Urban schools should respond to urban needs. I believe that we need to think of schools as the heart of our communities. We should invest in education to ensure that young people can, in turn, invest in their communities' future. In order for downtown neighbourhoods to thrive, we need to offer incentives for young families to live and raise their children downtown. Schools are important not only for parents and children, but for anyone who cares about the future of downtown. If young families are forced to move to suburban areas, then we will all suffer – economically and socially.
  • Eric Morse

    Eric Morse is a former Canadian diplomat now resident in Upper Lower Middle Cabbagetown. He writes on foreign and military affairs in the Canadian media and gives lectures to the Royal Canadian Military Institute on Roman affairs, on which he has written a collection of essays, Roman Spaces'. He has exhibited his photography in various Cabbagetown and Corktown venues.
  • Dennis Hanagan

    Since 1975 Dennis Hanagan has been a staff reporter for community and small city daily newspapers in southern Ontario and earlier freelanced for the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail.
  • Claude Ptolemy

    Sayer of things.
  • James Careless

    James Careless is an experienced consumer tech reporter who has also written for the National Post and the Globe & Mail.
  • John Sewell

    John Sewell is a Toronto activist, often speaking for and representing those who do not have access to the levers of power in society. He was a member of Toronto City Council from 1969 to 1984 and was Mayor of Toronto from 1979 to 1980. He has also engaged in politics in Toronto as a community activist, city councillor, journalist, writer, housing administrator and social entrepreneur. He is currently the co-ordinator of Toronto Police Accountability Coalition. He was awarded the Order of Canada in 2005.
  • Kimberly Spice

    Over the years, Kimberly Spice has written a number of news stories from urban news to professional sports. She has freelanced for various print publications, which include: The Bulletin Newspaper, Village Living Magazine, Fab Magazine, BizBash Magazine, and has written for the newswire services, Sports Ticker and Reuters News Sports.
  • Laura Dittmann

    Laura is a young freelance photographer/videographer from downtown Toronto who shoots for The Bulletin's Downtown Seen along with a wide variety of other projects. She has a passion for the arts which has led her to shoot a lot of performances, artists, & community groups, including Jamii Esplanade.
  • Siobhan Geary

    Siobhan Geary is a regular contributor to TheBulletin.ca.
  • Bulletin News

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