Non surgical options for treating gum issues

Many people put off dental treatment out of fear that their problems will require invasive oral surgery. This is not something you should worry about. There are many different, non-invasive ways of making sure that you get the treatment you need, including many different ways to receive non surgical gum therapy to keep your smile as bright as it needs to be. If you’re curious about these options, here is a quick primer on what they mean.

What is Non Surgical Gum Therapy?

When most people think about dental work for extreme cases, they think of teeth getting pulled or fillings getting placed. This isn’t necessarily the best way to handle all dental issues, however. Many times, tooth and gum problems come about as a result of bacterial buildup around the gum line. Non surgical therapies apply the same topical cleaning that you get in a normal visit to the dental office, but to a higher degree that kills off extreme bacterial growths in the mouth. This gets the cleaning in between teeth and around the gums in a way that brushing alone doesn’t accomplish. Sometimes, this involves an injection directly into the gums to ensure health and cleanliness.

What Does Non Surgical Therapy Treat?

The primary function of non surgical gum therapy is to relieve pain and swelling to the gum area. This means that the procedure works best for cases where a lack of brushing or flossing might have allowed bacteria to build up, causing bleeding and pain in the gums. If you find your gums bleeding whenever you brush or floss or you experience frequent pain near the base of your tooth, non surgical therapy might help you. It does not stop problems in a tooth itself, as situations like cavities and tooth decay are often a result of a problem in the bone and thus require surgical treatment. However, if you get non surgical treatment early, you might be able to prevent tooth damage that requires surgery.

The Importance of Emergency Therapy

Whether your smile can be treated using non surgical therapy or not, dental emergencies don’t always arise during normal business hours. If you experience pain or profuse bleeding during off hours, emergency treatment might be necessary. Emergency dentistry can take care of unexpected flare ups in existing dental conditions, but it can also help cope with unexpected trauma such as a broken or cracked tooth. Emergency dental care is a term that encompasses any need that can’t wait until the office opens again on a weekday morning. If you experience such a problem, you should check emergency dentists Richmond Hill for immediate help.

When it comes to getting proper dental treatment, it is important to know all the options available to you. The traditional image of a dentist going to work with a pick and a drill doesn’t have to be the only way you maintain your smile. Non surgical options exist and can usually stop the more major problems before they begin. If you experience immediate pain during off hours, emergency dental services are also available to you.

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