Mobile gambling influences upcoming technology

Casino game developers have been steadily increasing the quality of their products, which are helping shape the future of mobile tech. 1994, the year the first online casino went live on the Internet. Online gambling was crude and slow back then, with rudimentary development and design and very few games. But it was making headway to become the titan it is now.

Much of online gambling’s success can be attributed to the casino games themselves. While most online casinos are pretty similar, the games they offer can vary widely. For instance, the progressive slot Mega Moolah is one of the most popular casino games of all time. Millions of players regularly visit their favourite casino to play this game. So, it’s less about the online casino as it is about the games that they offer.

Linkedin recently reported that the two gambling verticals that will grow the most in the next 12 months are mobile casinos and mobile betting (specifically sports betting). The recent growth and favourable projections around mobile gambling have spurred developments in technology, with smartphone manufacturers designing features that will benefit mobile gamblers.

Samsung’s S8 now features Infinity Display, enhancing game visuals. It’s also nearly as powerful as a laptop, and the eight-core CPU makes streaming live casinos nearly flawless. And, the facial recognition software will make the security conscious very happy.

Apple’s next iPhone is likely to include some similar features, which could help the device become more popular among mobile gamblers. As it is, iPhone’s make up the majority of the market, with one billions devices in use globally. If Apple can meet the level of user interface and tech that Samsung is displaying, they’re going to further dominate among mobile gamblers.

Also, with the virtual reality revolution looming on the horizon, there are other mobile avenues for online gambling to explore.

There are already VR casinos online, but the technology is still so new and so few people own VR devices that it’s boom is still a ways off. But, just like the mobile explosion, VR will make a big impact on online gambling.

The future looks bright for mobile gambling, especially with major tech developers creating devices that enhance the online gambling experience.

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